Businesses Grow with Robot Run

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  • Peixuan ,General Manager
    Peixuan ,General Manager
    Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

    So since there is a robot to help us. I think our productivity has increased. So if there is a robot to do it for us, and we hope to improve and give our customers a better service.
  • Yupin Chaivikrai, CEO
    Yupin Chaivikrai, CEO
    Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

    After using the robots, it can help to reduce exposure with customers during covid-19, work faster and help our employees not be too tired. Also can play with our customers. Customer will feel that our restaurant is fun, this restaurant is so trendy.
  • Kelvin NG,Project Manager
    Kelvin NG,Project Manager
    Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

    The biggest impact that it has on Black Canyon is that it really attracts customers because the robot is very cute and very interactive, and actually, it’s like a magnet to pull in our customers, so it actually helps in bringing in sales. Robots can actually ease our burden on our shortage of labour especially in the dining area.
  • John Nevin ,Owner Manager
    John Nevin ,Owner Manager
    Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

    The server on the floor has more time to spend with the customer,giving them a better service, engage more with them,make sure that they meet their needs and maybe selling more as well.