Main Functions

Patrol duty

Panoramic surveillance

Intelligent monitoring    

Early warning

Remote disposal

Guided tours

Patrol Duty

The robot builds maps, achieves route planning for 24-hour patrol duty, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous positioning and autonomous charging.

Panoramic Surveillance

The robot is equipped with a high-definition intelligent capture camera and a thermal imaging camera to form a three-dimensional security, and provides video storage, historical video query.

Intelligent Monitoring

The robot can collect and monitor data such as human images, vehicles, pedestrians and specific anomalies during its work.

Early Warning 

The robot is equipped with various monitoring devices (e.g. smoke detection, thermal imaging) to detect abnormalities and automatically warn of them, reducing safety hazards.  

Remote Disposal      

The robot management platform allows remote control of anomalies on site, providing core functions such as remote shouting, warning and deterrence and on-site forensics.  

Guided Tours

The robot can broadcast announcements, advertisements and guidance during patrols, prompting and warning of uncivilised behaviour.

Application Scenarios

Urban outdoor environments such as subdivisions, schools, hospitals, banks, public security, campgrounds, attractions, parks, outer pads of arenas, public places.


· Dimensions : 875*675*1300mm

· Turning radius : Turn in place, turning radius 0

· Height over obstacles : 0~60mm

· Auto navigation speed : 0~1.6m/s

· Drive motor : 250W*4

· Working temperature : -20°~50°

· Weight : 100kg

· Climbing angle : 0°~15°

· Endurance : 8h/48V30Ah

· Remote control speed : 0~2m/s

· Protection class : Customizable /IP54/IP55

· System internal communication : RJ45/CAN