Service and Support

Pre-sales Service

Site survey

In the early stage, technical personnel are arranged to conduct on-site investigation, shoot on-site videos, know the site area, ground slope, aisle width, ground material, thickness, light, road conditions and obstacles, and determine the feasibility and existing problems of robot installation on the site.

Pre-sales Service

Design scheme

Arrange the marketing manager to communicate with customers, customize the commercial service robot scheme and path planning according to the customer's needs. If the site does not meet the needs of robot installation, it is necessary to carry out site renovation, site paving and adjustment.

On Site Installation

Robot deployment

· Network connection

· Building maps

· Navigation test

Personalized customization

The robot shall be configured exclusively according to customers' needs, such as interactive language, promotion content,etc.

Field technical support

Technicians shall provide on-site robot knowledge and operation training, testing and other support.


Technicians provide on-site support, solve problems and assist troubleshoot.

After Sales Service


Online Service

IoT solves more than 90% of technical problems.

· Cloud platform detects and reports real-time faults,and solve them in time.

· Solve over 90% of the faults by IoT,enhancing effectiveness of fault solving.

· Self diagnose of fault saves time and money, making after-sales service much easier.

Offline Service

Robot Run has a comprehensive after-sales support system and humanized after-sales policy .Whenever you need it,we will go all out to satisfy you.

7 x 24 hours servic


Remote Technical Support


On-Site Maintenance


Regular Return Visits


2 Year Free Warranty


*The warranty does not cover damage caused by wear and tear, and/or accidental or intentional misuse or abuse.

After sale service is important for commercial robot 

Commercial robots are often critical components of a business's operations, and any downtime or malfunction can result in lost productivity and revenue. Having access to prompt and reliable after-sale service can help ensure that any issues with the robot are resolved quickly and effectively.

Good after-sale service for commercial robots typically includes a warranty or service agreement, as well as access to technical support and repair services. This can help businesses minimize downtime and ensure that their robot is operating at peak performance.

In addition, some companies may also offer training and maintenance services to help businesses maximize the efficiency and longevity of their commercial robot.

Overall, investing in a commercial robot with reliable after-sale service can provide businesses with peace of mind and help ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently.