• BellaBot

    Premiun Delivery Robot

BellaBot is the latest delivery robot, which inherits the outstanding features of the previous generation and is endowed with superior human-computer interaction ability. BellaBot adapts innovative bionic design language, cute modeling, multi-modal interaction and many other new functions to provide users with an unprecedented experience of food delivery robot.

Design Aesthetics

BellaBot adopts an innovative bionic design, which is perfect at every angle, whether it is the height of the fuselage, the inclination of the screen, or the shape curve.

3D Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance

In order to pursue higher safety, BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular   chassis.It can stop at any angle and walk away when encountering obstacles .

The minimum height of object detection is 2cm Obstacle scanning frequency up to 5400 times per minute

Front detection angle up to 192.64° Front obstacle detection range exceeds 10m

Industry-exclusive Dual SLAM Solution for Full Coverage in Any Scenario

BellaBot supports Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation solutions , adapting to more scenarios. Both methods are accurate and easy to use. Both positioning solutions provided by BellaBot provide the same excellent user experience. Although the positioning solutions are different, BellaBot's customer-centered service has never changed.

Visual SLAM positioning and navigation

Marker positioning: need to post marker positioning code, support 2-8m storey height, flexible deployment and reliable operation.

Laser SLAM positioning and navigation

Laser positioning: No need to paste code, unlimited height, simple deployment, support multiple starting points, environment dependent Slightly higher than code placement, more suitable for site installation and deployment with special needs.

Multi-modal interaction

AI voice, light interaction, touch feedback, dynamic expression, unprecedented human-computer interaction experience.





The newly added AI voice module supports hundreds of exclusive situational dialogue content, making BellaBot more interesting.

Task states in different scenarios trigger new light effect interaction, and the status indication is clearer.

The new touch interaction makes BellaBot's feedback more comprehensive and the human-computer experience unprecedented.

There are dozens of exclusive original expressions, which make BellaBot's emotional expression more diverse and make you feel more real "cat".


3 * RGDB depth camera, which gives BellaBot the strongest three-dimensional perception so far, accurately detects obstacles, stops when encountering obstacles, and has a reaction speed as low as 0.5 seconds.

Auto-Level Independent Linkage Suspension for Stable

Auto-level adaptive variable suspension. Damping can be altered according to different floor conditions and driving requirements ,and the resonance frequency is maintained at an optimal state.

Power exchange technology

Charging and use scenarios are separated, and the battery is quickly replaced to achieve 24-hour all-weather working status.

Intelligent induction tray

Intelligent infrared sensor tray, self-sensing distribution status, make meal delivery more efficient, modular quick disassembly structure and easier cleanup.


Scheduler adopts a decentralized and flexible ad hoc network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. Each robot can communicate directly with any robot in the same network, and can quickly calculate and make decisions. This design reduces the requirements for the network, reduces a central computing node with high computational power requirements, is closer to the interaction mechanism between people, has stronger adaptability to dynamic scenes such as restaurants, and realizes a breakthrough from subway level scheduling to highway level scheduling.