• PuduBot2

    Universal Delivery Robot

The newly upgraded delivery robot PuduBot 2 of Pudu Robotics inherits excellent features and functions of PuduBot.PuduBot 2 is committed to realizing intelligent delivery in all scenarios, promoting the application of service robots and accelerating the overall development of robots with higher performance, better extendability, adaptability and reliability.

Embedded in Strong 

Foundations and In-depth

Understanding of Catering Industry

Dual Lidar, Precise Perception

More Reliable, More Secure

360° sensing, with environmental features in full view

Industry-leading Chassis System  

Better Stability, Better Performance 

Adapt to all kinds of road, moving stability increased by 30%.


Simplified Deployment, Greater Adaptability

Marker-less deployment reduces 75% deployment time, which without redecoration of ceiling and comforts with reliable operation even in high ceiling environments.

Dish Return Mode 

Cruise Mode

Birthday Mode

Delivery Mode

Various Delivery Modes,Diverse Delivery Scenarios

Four delivery modes are supported, which can be easily switched on demand, so as to deeply meeting the delivery requirements of different scenarios.

Automatic Charging, Always Stand-by

Support auto-recharging without manual intervention


Calling and Notification Autonomous and Flexible

Support Pudu Watch and App Calling, assign and manage tasks simply with one click

High Performance LFP Battery


Operates up to 24H on a 3 hour charge 6X longer battery lifetime Enhanced safety and reliability

Fully Enclosed Machine Design

Effectively resist dust and water

Surpass the Barriers,Advance the Business

PUDU OS All-inclusive Platform,

Endless Capabilities

Support third-party development, customization and expansion

Outstanding IoT Compatibilities,

Overpass Your Expectation

Support Type-C/4G/LoRa/Wi-Fi connection

Multi-Industry Linkage

Full-Scene Coverage


Point-to-point, high-frequency lightweight delivery. Improve workflow between warehouse, production plant and quality control department

Hospital & Clinic

Contact-free delivery prevents cross-contagion and reduces exposure risks for medical staff

Entertainment & Leisure

Provide differentiated service, quickly respond to demand, reduce duplication of tasks and increase efficiency


Innovative Mobile Shelf with higher advertising coverage