· IH three-dimensional heating technology

High thermal efficiency and uniform heating

· High intelligence

Automatic liquid feeding, automatic cooking

· Plug and Play

220V voltage, easy to use

· Easy to use

Precise touch, voice and light prompt

· 304 stainless steel body

Health and environmental protection,

high temperature and corrosion resistance

· 2000+recipes

2000+recipes can be stored in the cloud

Perfectly restored the cooking technology of the chef Heat evenly, with more cooking atmosphere

360 ° roller stir fry clockwise and anticlockwise Active mixing by mixing claw The tilt angle of the pot can be adjusted

Efficient and fast Save manpower, cost and time

One person operates 3-4 machines Quick serve in 2-3 minutes No need for chef operation, easy to use

Ensure safe use and rest assured

Real-time monitoring of pot temperature

Control the cooking temperature 

Fuzzy temperature control technology

Provide security protection


Fast locking reason

Convenient to solve in time


IP65 waterproof grade

Effective waterproof and moisture-proof


Intelligent food development app Cloud dish library, massive data support

Intelligent Kitchen Cooking Big Database is based on AI+ dishes development big data platform. Using mobile Internet technology and big data mining, it provides users with a shared experience platform in the field of dish development and cooking.

Dishes display Cloud cuisine library Chinese cuisine standardization database support

With gorgeous colors, exquisite dishes and dishes with Chinese characteristics, Chinese dishes with fragrance are presented in front of people, perfectly presenting the characteristics of Chinese food, which is complete in color, smell, taste and shape. 

Heat source type
Rated power
Max cooking capacity
Cooking time
Inner diameter of pot mouth
Maximum diameter of pot
Depth in pot
Appearance material
304 stainless steel
Electric control panel
intelligent system
7-inch touchable screen
Water inlet
G ½ External thread
Input water pressure
0.1~0.6 mpa
Product size(W*D*H)
700 * 760 * 800 mm
Packing size(W*D*H)
850* 880* 900mm