Bartending Robot

——Automatic intelligent bar mixing table——

Mobile kiosks to meet the needs of any site

A kiosk model that integrates the bartending equipment into a single unit, making it easy to move. The miniature bartending station, which can be moved freely according to the needs of each scenario, occupies an area of approximately 2.78 m² and can be flexibly sited.

Fully automated production with robotic arms and process visualization

The fully automated operation of the robot arm attracts customers and saves labour, as only one person is required for refilling, cleaning and other maintenance.The robotic bartender can be used to differentiate and give a different experience, while the robotic arm can be decorated to highlight the brand image.

Gorgeous lights that catch the eye

Gorgeous lighting creates a strong sense of atmosphere and is particularly eye-catching; The change time of lamp color light source can be customized according to the scene requirements;

Variety and freedom of mix and match

Wall-mounted dispenser mechanism, which allows you to configure the number of dispensers according to the number of wines in your recipe,dispensers with a quantitative volume of 25ml, 30ml, 40ml, etc., which can be customised according to your needs, sink setting, which allows you to clean the dispensers in time to avoid cascading flavours.


Dimension : 1800mm*1544mm*2020mm

Weight : 300kg

Power: 2kw

Efficiency: up to 30 seconds/cup

Capacity: 85 cups (customizable)