Product Description

Different from the general "Mechanical Arm Coffee Robot", Smart Coffee Master is based on millions of data-level visual training, 30,000 hours of double-arm training, and 3,000 hours of AI learning.
Precise Action Refinement, Perfect Reappearance of Barista's Technique, True Achievement of "Robot" Coffee.
With the appearance advantages of bionic design, it quickly landed globally and became an eye-catching artifact in exhibition halls, retail stores, smart parks and other scenes.

Accessories (for CoffeeMaster)

01.Single coffee grinder

02.Operation desk (Ash wood)

03.On-site beverage production system

04.Brewing Equipment

05. Fine coffee beans

Special Features

Sub-Millimeter Level Precision; Small Detail; Large Advance;

30,000 hours Double-arm test, high-performance harmonic reducer, high repetition precision, reappearance of Archimedes curve, spiral pouring and other hand drip coffee actions, reset error less than 0.1mm. Millions of data-level visual training, granular coffee grind recognition, chest camera recognizing all details of workbench. Reproduce every action of barista to ensure the quality.

AI Trends Stability Safety Human Efficiency, "One Robot" Equals "One Shop"

A Taste Of Innovation Coffee in A Single Day Your exclusive coffee master occupies only 3 square meters, which is 50% of the traditional storefront. It can work 7x24 hours without rest. It has a customizable end effector, perfectly adapted to mechanical grippers. With various actions such as grapping coffee server, pouring and brewing, 500 cups of hand drip coffee can be made per day.

Bionic Appearance, "Hard" Strength


Bionic dual-arm robot, with pearl white streamline design, is full of affinity. The arms are made of piano paint and top carbon fiber, having the properties of both lightweight and solidity. The body shell is made of German imported high-grade resin. Light weight, high strength, easy to clean, hard to deform. The tabletop can be made of high-standard solid wood material, to be noble and elegant.

4-Fold Safety Protection, More Efficient And More Secure

Perfect mechanical arm collision detection mechanism, customized force body collision detection, electronic safety boundary setting, high-precision camera real-time observation of the beverage making status, fully open workbench, 360° viewing of the drinking process, equipped with double emergency stop buttons, 4-fold safety protection to ensure safe use.

Rapid deployment makes the scene and the product fit the scenario perfectly

With professional deployment team, engineer on-site guidance, simple and convenient installation and deployment, the robot can be quickly put into use after 8 hours of deployment.




Full Service,More Satisfaction


Covering 20 cities across the country, it can be quickly put into use after 8 hours of deployment. 1 year warranty. Online after-sales customer service will response in 10 minutes.