• FlashBot

    New Era of Auto Building Delivery

FlashBot is a new building delivery robot created by Pudu for digital management and service of hotels and office buildings. FlashBot is committed to using the cutting-edge  technologies to bring unparalleled intelligent experience to building delivery services.

Autonomous Cruise

Full building coverage and repetitive work across floors can be completed with one click.

3D Obstacle Avoidance, Flexible and Efficient

3 * RGBD depth camera + Customized lidar Let FlashBot have accurate 3D perception, and flexibly avoid low and suspended obstacles.

IoT Technology

See FlashBot's Superpower

The IoT technology allows operating instructions to be transmitted between FlashBot and other devices in the building through a cloud-based network connection. This enables FlashBot to take elevators automatically to deliver across floors.

Intelligence Services 

AI voice interaction

Equipped with a new AI voice module, it supports multiple voice command control and intelligent control is upgraded.



FlashBot supports automatic recharging. The robot recharges autonomously, which is safe and easy to keep in the best state at any time.

One click call

One click call robot "order receiving".




Reshape the Robot with Creativity

Modular Adjustable Compartment

FlashBot is designed in a modular way. It can be flexibly divided according to different distribution tasks, and can be distributed simultaneously with one click to maximize the space utilization.

UV Sterile Compartment

The compartment is equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which is efficient in sterilization and more reliable in delivery.UV can be turned off.

Upgraded Auto-Level Suspension

The upgraded 6-wheel independent suspension, which helps FlashBot navigate smoothly in any environment. It can be delivered smoothly without fear of bumps.


The new PUDU SLAM solution is built on the multi-sensor fusion of Lidar, Camera, UWB, RGBD, and IMU.Original technology to ensure that robots can perform tasks more efficiently in a complex environments.


Multiple robots can cooperate with each other, making the delivery more efficient and intelligent.


PUDU Cloud platform provides powerful cloud intelligent service support for Pudu robots.It detects the operation status of robots in real time and drives informed decisions to enable intelligent residential delivery through business management platform, automated operation and maintenance platform, and scenario data collection platform.