GOGO is a super-capacity robot, with fingerprint identification, voice interaction, flexible customization functions, which can meet various requirements.

Smaller body with bigger capacity

· 70L+large capacity easy to place large capacity items.

· Embedded door opening and closing design, which does not occupy the surrounding space.

· Small and elegant, only covering an area of 0.2 square meters - size of 3 sheets of A4 paper. 

Surprising passing ability

Slim body, minimum passing 55cm perfect for all narrow elevators and corridors.



less movement in the lift,no need to turn around More efficient operation, saving delivery time.


Comprehensive ability to adapt to multiple space environments

Thick carpets, wooden floors, marble joints, up and down slopes can be passed through.More friendly to the environment, greatly avoiding secondary transformation.Visual sensor and algorithm upgrade, more sensitive obstacle avoidance and more accurate path.

· Maximum ridge passing : 25mm

· Maximum gap passing : 40mm

· Maximum climb slopes angle : 13 °


Fingerprint Identification

Authorization/operation digital management

· Fingerprint unlocking, exclusive authority of special personnel, traceable operation and safer management.

· One slight press to save time and improve service efficiency. 

· Digital/quantitative management of operation records.

· Automatic statistics of employee utilization rate to assist performance appraisal.

· Possible to track use of robots.

Multiple charging piles in flexible standby location

· A robot can correspond to multiple charging piles, and it can stand by anytime and anywhere without remote call.

· Multi-robots work flexibly with multi-charging piles.

Intelligent voice interaction

· Natural semantic understanding, personification and efficient service communication

· Six microphones for sound collection and accurate position discrimination

· Import into the exclusive voice library of the hotel to provide personalized voice interaction

· A social smart person, which improves the user experience and helps the hotel's new marketing

robot + smart vending machine

building a customized online stop for your hotel

· Improve service officiency and reduce workload of placing items in robot

· Increase hotel non-room revence

· Easily shop in guestroom to improve guest satisfaction and hotel reputation

Interior ultraviolet lamp(Disinfection model)

Disinfection and sterilization autonomously to ensure safety

· No dead corner ultraviolet disinfection in all directions, ensuring the hygiene of goods and reducing the risk of cross contamination.

· After the door is closed, the killing function will be turned on automatically, and when the door is opened to take things, it will be closed automatically, which is convenient and safe.

Applet for robot management




Data query



Real-time monitoring 


Call robot to a certain location  


Scan QR code to call robot


OTA review updates


Multiple options

Dynamic sticker, novel eye-catching, multiple choices