Product Introductions

SC50 Autonomous Driving Floor Scrubber

SC50 is an autonomous driving floor scrubber suitable for small and medium-sized indoor scenes which is equipped with lidar, depth camera, ultrasonic radar and other sensors and has autonomous driving functions such as environmental perception, automatic path planning and obstacle recognition. It is an efficient, intelligent, safe and professional autonomous driving floor scrubber.

Function Highlights

Adaptive Cleaning

Automatically adjustable roller brush, adaptable to various floors



Either ground washing or dust mopping module can be selected. Three functions, sweeping, scrubbing and mopping, are optional

Fully Automatic Operation

Break-point resuming, missed area cleaning, automatic water filling/draining, automatic charging, access control and elevator linkage

Professional Cleaning

Double roller brushes+double side brushes, low risk of blocking the suction pipe, fully automatic during the operation process

Long-time Operation

24V/60Ah battery, 72L water tank, optional filtering


Edge Cleaning

Active roadside identification can truly achieve zero-distance edge cleaning


Scheduled tasks, automatic wake up, scheduled operations

Easy to Manage

Automatically upload operation reports. Data reports are available at your fingertips


Size :800(L)x700(W)x1200(H)mm

Net weight :180kg

Maximum cleaning efficiency :1800m2/h

Battery :24V /60Ah,LiFePO4

Duration :2.5~6h

Sweeping width :800mm

Scrubbing width :500mm

Squeegee width :700mm

Clean water tank capacity :42L

Waste water tank capacity : 30L

Trash box capacity : 1.5L

Operating noise :<70dB(A)

Maximum slope : 8°



Shopping Malls

Transportation Hubs



Office Building