Product Features

One Machine with Multiple Functions

Washing + dust pushing + disinfection and sterilization, Modular combination of cleaning functions

Ultra-long Endurance

Floor washing 3.5 hours, Dust pushing 10 hours, Self charging and water exchange, Five-stage water circulation and filtration

Intelligent Operation

Breakpoint continuous scanning, Fault area repair, Support scheduled tasks, Unmanned full-automatic transfer

Safe and Reliable

3D laser + 2D laser + vision + ultrasound + touchdown + anti-drop and other multi-sensor fusion technologies

Efficient Cleaning

Up to 2000m² Per hour


Practical, handy and durable intelligent cleaning robot


Remote survey


Intelligent map building


Clean task configuration


Automatic return charging


One-touch start + Autonomous operation


Remote operation


Size                                                                              Navigation Mode

850mm(L) x 650mm(W) x 1080(H)                              3D Laser navigation

Weight                                                                        Water Tank

150kg (unladen)                                                           63L (clean 35L, dirty 28L)

Battery Life                                                                 Charging Time

Floor washing 3.5 hours, Dust pushing 10 hours        2h

Operation Noise                                                         Battery Type

<70 dB(A)                                                                     24V lithium iron phosphate battery

Safety Protection

3D laser + 2D laser + vision + ultrasound + edge-touch + anti-drop

Climbing Angle                                                          Cleaning Efficiency

<8° (in non-working condition)                                   Up to 2000㎡/h

<3° (in working condition)

Scrubbing Width                                                        Mop Width

500mm                                                                         700mm


Atomizing disinfection, Capacity: 6L, Atomizing piece service life≥8000h