• Intelligent Walking Robot

    An intelligent walking robot can enlarge your living range infinitely, and you can reach it if you want.

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable ride and convenient operation

The backrest is tilted 15 degrees, so you are not tired after sitting for a long time. The backrest height is 50CM, which is moderate. Adjustable armrest, more suitable for upper limb activities. The seat depth is 42cm, which is more suitable for the body curve and more comfortable to ride.

Autonomous navigation Automatic follow

Mobile phone control, Bluetooth connection and remote control make the walking robot come to you easily.

Mecanum omnidirectional wheels

24 large and small wheels operate independently alternately, 96 fine bearings are flexible and firm, and can realize omnidirectional lateral rotation. It can cross 6cm steps and easily deal with all road conditions.

Simple operation & Convenient ride

Flexible rocker, which can be held. Humanized setting, the control rocker and switch are concentrated on one side, which can be operated by one hand, easy to use, simple to operate, and the elderly can also operate flexibly.

Environmental Identification

Intelligent obstacle avoidance 

The car body is equipped with lidar and depth camera, which can automatically identify the environment, pedestrians and objects and automatically avoid obstacles. 

Meet Diversified Requirements

Mobile advertising robot is mainly used for information distribution services in public places, including mobile electronic guide boards, leaflet distribution, static posters, advertising push and other functions. Its flexible shelf system can replace a variety of components with different functions, from newspaper racks to trays, as well as poster frames, etc., which is suitable for diversified business scenarios.

Long battery life

Travel guarantee 

The battery has a range of 16km and a charging time of 4h. The detachable battery can be charged independently. It is equipped with a backup battery to extend the driving range.

Body size 1000 * 550 * 933mm Cushion size 460 * 420 mm
Front wheel diameter 250mm Rear wheel diameter 250mm
Turning radius 76cm from the ground 125mm
Barrier crossing height 6cm Weight 55kg
Max. Load 120kg Front wheel type Mecanum omnidirectional wheels
Rear wheel type solid honeycomb tire