Autonomous Operation

· Delivers itself to the user, initiatesactivities and returns itself for re charging

· Built-in collision avoidance technologies to ensure safe progress

· Auto-Charge Management

Multiple Modes Of Use

· Manual - Free-rolling support duringwalking with built-in entertainmentoptions for an engaging experience

· Pull Mode Guided-Walking - Gentlypulls the user forward along a predetermined route displayed on screen

· Push Mode - Offers optionalprogressive resistance as part of atraining plan

A Data Rich Platform Capturing And Managing User AndRobot Performance Data

Activity Plans

· Customizable library of exercises

· Touch screen displayed and systemled exercises

· Audible exercise instruction


Data Capture

· Facial recognition to confirm user

· Collects user performance data

· Utilization location duration and frequency data available to help assetmanagement and user scheduling

Data Integration

· Cloud platform route planning and navigation

· Customizable entertainment platform

· Integration with EHR platforms